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Vendor Expediting 

Our aim is to guarantee that customer receive goods as ordered in the agreed time.

Production processes knowledge is fundamental to properly monitor purchase orders from design to delivery.

We select and assign expeditors that have a consolidated experience in the manufacturing process of ordered goods.

A clear, detailed and quickly issued expediting report are inevitable requirements that our expeditors shall have, together with proactive attitude to support the project.

Our expeditors shall have the ability to quickly identify possible bottlenecks on the supply and take necessary reactions together with suppliers in order to avoid delays or nonconformities.

All expediting reports are reviewed by our technical supervisors and manager prior to be released to the customer.

We can monitor the customer’s purchase orders during the most critical stages:

  • Engineering documentation approval

  • Receipt of raw materials

  • Sub-ordered products

  • Fabrication schedules

  • Fabrication processes

  • Inspections and testing

  • Confirmation of delivery date

  • Any outstanding have been solved (nonconformities and punch lists)

Upon a specific request we can propose you our best expeditor and quotation based on experience of equipment and distance from manufacturer.

We can cover a wide range of inspections and tests in multidisciplinary sectors.

Our expeditors are also available for resident assignments, even if short notice.

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