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Vendor Assessment and Surveillance 

Our aim is to evaluate if selected vendors have enough capability to honor obligations of eventual purchase orders and if this capability will be maintained for the entire cooperation.

Quality management system, Responsibilities definition, Resources, Health & Safety, Environment, Production processes, Purchasing, Quality assurance and Control, Financial capability are just few of the elements that our qualified auditors shall evaluate during vendor assessment activity.  

Our qualified auditors shall have the ability to make professional and impartial judgement as to vendor’s capability.

All assessment and surveillance reports are reviewed by our technical supervisors and manager prior to be released to the customer.

We have consolidated resources to operate in the following fields:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Subsea & Marine

  • Chemical & Petrochemical

  • Renewable

  • Power generation

We can number among our experience, the specifications and practises of most important EPC international companies and worldwide Energy Operators.

We can cover a wide range of of vendor assessment and surveillance activity in multidisciplinary sectors.

Upon a specific request we can propose you our best qualified auditor and quotation based on experience of equipment and distance from manufacturer.

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